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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-201246,XX ovotesticular disorder in a Mexican patient with Beckwith–Wiedemann syndrome: a case report.Macías Gómez, Nelly Margarita; Leal Ugarte, Evelia; Gutiérrez Angulo, Melva; Domínguez Quezada, Guadalupe; Rivera, Horacio; Barros Núñez, Patricio
25-Jul-2002A 45,X sterile male with Yp disguised as 21pDávalos Rodríguez, Ingrid P.; Rivera, Horacio; Vásquez, Ana I.; Gutiérrez Angulo, Melva; Hernández Váquez, Martha C.; Cortina Luna, Fidel A.; Wong Ley, Luis E.; Domínguez Quezada, María G.
2004A t(1;9)(q23.3~q25;q34) affecting the ABL1 gene in a biphenotypic leukemia.González García, Juan Ramón; Bohlander, Stefan K.; Gutiérrez Angulo, Melva; Esparza Flores, María Amparo; Picos Cárdenas, Verónica Judith; Meza Espinoza, Juan Pablo; Ayala Madrigal, María de la Luz; Rivera, Horacio
Mar-1999An extra idic(21)(q22.1) in a child with some features of Down’s syndromeGutiérrez Angulo, Melva; Ramos, Al; Dávalos, Nory O.; Sánchez Corona, José; Rivera, Horacio
Aug-1999Chromosome 9qh inversions may not be true inversionsRivera, Horacio; Gutiérrez Angulo, Melva; González García, Juan Ramón
2002del(X)(p22.1)/r(X)(p22.1q28) dynamic mosaicism in a Turner syndrome patientGutiérrez Angulo, Melva; Lazalde, Brissia; Vásquez, Ana I.; Leal, Caridad; Corral, Elisa; Rivera, Horacio
Sep-2004Increased expression of AML1-a and acquired chromosomal abnormalities in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemiaGutiérrez Angulo, Melva; González García, Juan Ramón; Meza Espinoza, Juan Pablo; Picos Cárdenas, V.J.; Esparza Flores, M.A.; López Guido, B.; Rivera, Horacio
2003Isodicentric Y chromosomes and secondary microchromosomes.Rivera, Horacio; Ayala Madrigal, Laura Margarita; Gutiérrez Angulo, Melva; Vasquez, Al; Ramos, AL
2002True vs. false inv(Y)(p11q11.2): a familial instance concurrent with trisomy 21Rivera, Horacio; Gutiérrez Angulo, Melva; Gómez Sánchez, Hilda; Macías Gómez, Nelly; Barros Núñez, Patricio