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Title: Methylation analysis of MIR200 family in Mexican patients with colorectal cancer
Authors: Alvizo Rodríguez, Carlos Rogelio
Ayala Madrigal, María de la Luz
Hernández Sandoval, Jesús Arturo
Ramirez Plascencia, Helen Haydee Fernanda
González Villaseñor, Christian Octavio
Macías Gómez, Nelly Margarita
Peregrina Sandoval, Jorge
Moreno Ortiz, José Miguel
Valenzuela Pérez, Jesús A.
Cruz Ramos, José Alfonso
Gutiérrez Angulo, Melva
Keywords: biomedical research
colorectal neoplasms
Issue Date: Mar-2020
Publisher: BMJ Journals
Citation: Alvizo Rodriguez CR, Ayala Madrigal MDLL, Hernandez Sandoval JA, et al. Methylation analysis of MIR200 family in Mexican patients with colorectal cáncer. Journal of Investigative Medicine. 2020; 68-3:782-785.
Series/Report no.: Journal of Investigative Medicine;2020; 68-3:782-785.
Abstract: The present study aimed to analyze the methylation pattern of the MIR200 family in the colorectal tissues and peripheral blood of colorectal cancer (CRC) patients. Previous informed consent, 102 samples of colorectal tissues (tumor and adjacent normal tissues) and 40 peripheral blood samples were collected from CRC patients. Additionally, we included a reference group of 40 blood samples. DNA extraction was done for colorectal tissues and peripheral blood. For methylation-specific PCR, we used bisulfite-treated DNA and controls for methylated and unmethylated DNA were included to each assay. PCR fragments were separated by 6% polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Methylation-positive and methylation-negative results were confirmed by bisulfite genomic sequencing technique. We analyzed 102 colorectal tissues and 40 blood samples from 51 CRC patients. MIR200B/MIR200A/MIR429 methylation analysis discloses no differences among tissues (p>0.05). However, MIR200C/MIR141 methylation showed differences between colorectal tissues and peripheral blood of CRC patients (p<0.0001) and mainly methylated alleles were observed in peripheral blood. These findings suggest a tissue-specific methylation pattern for the MIR200C/MIR141 promoter.
ISSN: 1708-8267
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