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Title: A Business Effort in Favor of Sustainability, the Case of Combustibles Ecologicos de Acatic SA de CV
Authors: Carmona Peña, María del Refugio
González Pérez, Cándido
González Anaya, Ana Gabriela
Keywords: sustainability
technological development
Issue Date: 22-Mar-2021
Publisher: Advances in Social Science and Culture
Citation: Carmona Peña M.R., González Pérez C. y González Anaya A.G. (2021). A Business Effort in Favor of Sustainability, the Case of Combustibles Ecologicos De Acatic SA De CV. Advances in Social Science and Culture Vol. 3, No. 2, 2021.
Series/Report no.: Advances in Social Science and Culture;Vol. 3, No. 2, 2021
Abstract: Abstract In this work we present the case of a company born from an individual dream that has made its way to success from one of the most unsuspected activities: recycling. Against all odds, in our globalized world that prioritizes the generation of economic wealth to the detriment of natural resources, an ingenious initiative emerged that has turned bad into an economically enviable business. In the most diverse daily uses of factories, agriculture and even homes, the recycling of hazardous materials is generated. Against all logic and with a persistence worthy of recognition, an artisan company was founded in a rural population that has transcended regions and above all archaic thoughts that privilege profits over everything else. With the passage of time, the artisan work was transformed to become an industrial company that generates great resources with the paradox that it has become a business to avoid environmental pollution when the latter is the result of excessive economic growth.
ISSN: 2640-9674
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