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dc.contributor.authorBecerra Ruiz, Julieta Sarai-
dc.contributor.authorRamírez De los Santos, Saúl-
dc.contributor.authorAlonso Sánchez, Carmen Celina-
dc.contributor.authorMartínez Esquivias, Fernando-
dc.contributor.authorMartínez Pérez, Luz Andrea-
dc.contributor.authorPadilla González, Ana Carolina-
dc.contributor.authorRivera Santana, Gregorio Alejandro-
dc.contributor.authorGuerrero Velázquez, Celia-
dc.contributor.authorLópez Pulido, Edgar Iván-
dc.contributor.authorGuzmán Flores, Juan Manuel-
dc.identifier.citationBecerra Ruiz J.S., Ramírez De los Santos Saúl, Alonso Sánchez C.C., Martínez Esquivias F., Martínez Pérez L.A., Padilla González A.C., Rivera Santana G.A., Guerrero Velázquez C., López Pulido E.I. & Guzmán Flores J.M. (2021) Tumour necrosis factor-alpha polymorphism -308 G/a and its protein in subjects with gingivitis, Acta Odontologica Scandinavica, DOI: 10.1080/00016357.2021.1928280es, en
dc.description.abstractAbstractObjective This study examined the association between tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF- α) (?308?G/A) polymorphism and gingivitis, and serum and salivary TNF- α levels, in a Mexican population.Material and methods This study enrolled 171 subjects, divided into two groups: healthy subjects and gingivitis patients. TNF- α (?308?G/A) gene polymorphism was analyzed by PCR-RFLP assay. Salivary and serum samples were used to measure cytokine levels through the ELISA technique.Results TNF- α (?308?G/A) polymorphism was shown to have a protective effect in carriers of the A/A genotype and allele A. The G/A genotype is associated with an increase in high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) levels in the gingivitis group. Healthy individuals had higher levels of salivary TNF- α and HDL-C, and increased salivary flow. Triglycerides, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and very low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels were increased in the gingivitis group. No statistical differences were found in serum TNF- α levels.Conclusion Our data demonstrate that the TNF- α ?308?A/A genotype exerts a protective effect against gingivitis. Moreover, oral conditions are associated with some biochemical, en
dc.language.isoenes, en
dc.publisherTaylor and Francis Onlinees, en
dc.relation.ispartofseriesActa Odontologica Scandinavica;2021-
dc.subjectTNF-alphaes, en
dc.subjectpolymorphismes, en
dc.subjectperiodontal diseasees, en
dc.subjectcytokinees, en
dc.subjectsalivary levelses, en
dc.titleTumour necrosis factor-alpha polymorphism -308 G/a and its protein in subjects with gingivitises, en
dc.typeArticlees, en
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