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Title: Hydrogen production using mixed oxides TiO2-M (CoO and WO3)
Authors: Pérez Larios, Alejandro
Gómez, Ricardo
Keywords: hydrogen production
mixed oxide
sol gel
Issue Date: Dec-2013
Publisher: Facultad de Ingeniería (Seccional Bogotá)
Citation: Pérez Larios A. & Gómez R.(2013). Hydrogen production using mixed oxides TiO2-M (CoO and WO3). Avances Investigación en Ingeniería, Vol. 10, Núm. 2. ISSN: 1794-4953.
Series/Report no.: Avances Investigación en Ingeniería;Vol. 10, Núm. 2, (2013)
Abstract: Abstract In this work we obtained materials of titanium dio-xide whit mixed oxide CoO-TiO2 and WO3-TiO2 (1.0, 3.0, 5.0 %wt). The solids were characterized by; nitrogen physisorption (BET) and porosity (BJH), XRD patterns and UV-Vis spectroscopy. The photoactivity was evaluated using a Pyrex reactor of 200 ml using a solution ethanol-water (1:1 molar ratio) and 0.1 g of catalyst using a high pressure Hg lamp (with a wavelength of 254 nm and an intensity of 2.2 mW/cm2 encapsulated in a quartz tube. The results showed materials with specific surface area among 89 to 95 m2/g and 41 to 91 m2/g with mesopority characteristics. The XRD patterns show the formation of the crystalli-ne anatase phase. The band gap energy (Eg) for the materials were obtained with UV-Vis spectroscopy, the Eg values were lower than 3.2 eV for both mi-xed oxide. In the water splitting evaluation a maxim in the efficient was found at Co and W at 5 wt.%. The hydrogen produced was 1000 μmol/h and 950 μmol/h respectively, this is a value comparable to respect other works.
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ISSN: 1794-4953
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