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Title: Protective role of osteocalcin in diabetes pathogenesis
Authors: Desentis Desentis, María Fernanda
Rivas Carrillo, Jorge David
Sánchez Enríquez, Sergio
Keywords: diabetes
bone metabolism
oxidative stress
Issue Date: Nov-2020
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Desentis-Desentis, M.F., Rivas-Carrillo, J.D. & Sánchez-Enríquez, S. Protective role of osteocalcin in diabetes pathogenesis. J Bone Miner Metab 38, 765–771 (2020).
Series/Report no.: Journal of Bone and Mineral Metabolism;(2020) 38:765–771
Abstract: Abstract In diabetes, metabolic, inflammatory, and stress-associated alterations conduce to ß-cell failure and tissue damage. Osteocalcin is a bone protein with several endocrine functions in different tissues. In this review, we gathered scientific evidence of how osteocalcin could modulate functional disorders that are altered in diabetes in an integrative way. We include adipose tissue, pancreatic function, and oxidative stress aspects. In the first section, we focus on the role of inflammatory mediators and adiponectin in energy homeostasis and insulin sensitivity. In the following section, we discuss the effect of osteocalcin in metabolic and pancreatic function and its association in insulin signaling and in ß-cell proliferation. Finally, we focus on osteocalcin action in oxidative and endoplasmic reticulum stress, and in antioxidant regulation, since ß-cells are well known by its vulnerability to stress damage. These evidences support the notion that osteocalcin could have an important role in diabetes treatment.
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0914-8779 print
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