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dc.contributor.authorGonzález Gaspar, Patricia-
dc.contributor.authorMacías Carballo, Monserrat-
dc.contributor.authorCadena Mejía, Teresa-
dc.contributor.authorLanda Jiménez, Miguel A.-
dc.contributor.authorMontes González, Fernando M-
dc.contributor.authorLópez Meraz, María Leonor-
dc.contributor.authorBeltrán Parrazal, Luis-
dc.contributor.authorMorgado Valle, Consuelo-
dc.identifier.citationPatricia González-Gaspar, Monserrat Macías-Carballo, Teresa Cadena-Mejía, Miguel A. Landa-Jiménez, Fernando M. Montes-González, María Leonor López-Meraz, Luis Beltran-Parrazal, Consuelo Morgado-Valle, Analixity: An open source, low-cost analysis system for the elevated plus maze test, based on computer vision techniques. Behavioural Processes, Volume 193, 2021, 104539, ISSN 0376-6357,, en
dc.descriptionArtículoes, en
dc.description.abstractManual analysis of behavioral tests in rodents involves inspection of video recordings by a researcher that assesses rodent movements to quantify parameters related with a behavior of interest. The assessment of the researcher during the quantification of such parameters can introduce variability among experimental conditions or among sessions of analysis. Here, we introduce Analixity, a video processing software for the elevated plus maze test (EPM), in which quantification of behavioral parameters is automatic, reducing the time spent in analysis and solving the variability problem. Analixity is an adaptable multiplatform open-source system. Analixity generates an Excel file with the quantified behavioral variables, such as time spent in open and closed arms and in the center zone, number of entries to each zone and total distance traveled during the test. For validation, we compared results obtained by Analixity with results obtained by manual analysis. We did not find statistically significant differences. In addition, we compared the results obtained by Analixity with results obtained by the commercial software ANY-maze. We did not find statistically significant differences in the quantification of parameters such as time spent in open arms, time spent in closed arms, time spent in center zone, number of closed arms, open arms entries, and anxiety index. We concluded that Analixity is an open-source software as reliable and effective as a commercial, en
dc.language.isoenes, en
dc.publisherElsevier - Science Directes, en
dc.relation.ispartofseriesBehavioural Processes;Vol. 193 (2021) 104539-
dc.subjectelevated plus mazees, en
dc.subjectsoftwarees, en
dc.subjectopen sourcees, en
dc.subjectbehaviores, en
dc.subjectvideo analysises, en
dc.subjectimage processinges, en
dc.titleAnalixity: An open source, low-cost analysis system for the elevated plus maze test, based on computer vision techniqueses, en
dc.typeArticlees, en
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