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Title: Dexamethasone Increases the Anesthetic Success in Patients with Symptomatic Irreversible Pulpitis: A Meta-Analysis
Authors: Franco de la Torre, Lorenzo
Gómez Sánchez, Eduardo
Serafín Higuera, Nicolás Addiel
Alonso Castro, Ángel Josabad
López Verdín, Sandra
Molina Frechero, Nelly
Granados Soto, Vinicio
Isiordia Espinoza, Mario Alberto
Keywords: dexamethasone
symptomatic irreversible pulpitis
anesthetic success
pain intensity
Issue Date: Jul-2022
Publisher: MDPI. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Citation: Franco-de la Torre, L.; Gómez-Sánchez, E.; Serafín-Higuera, N.A.; Alonso-Castro, Á.J.; López-Verdín, S.; Molina-Frechero, N.; Granados-Soto, V.; Isiordia-Espinoza, M.A. Dexamethasone Increases the Anesthetic Success in Patients with Symptomatic Irreversible Pulpitis: A Meta-Analysis. Pharmaceuticals 2022, 15, 878. ph1507087
Series/Report no.: Pharmaceuticals;2022, 15, (7), 878
Abstract: Abstract Inferior alveolar nerve block (IANB) has a high failure rate in subjects with symptomatic irreversible pulpitis (SIP). It has been suggested that drugs with anti-inflammatory activity could improve the efficacy of the anesthetic used for IANB. The aim of this study was to assess the effect of dexamethasone on the success of dental anesthesia in patients with SIP. An information search was performed using PubMed and Google Scholar. The risk of bias of the included studies was evaluated with the Cochrane Collaboration’s risk-of-bias tool. The anesthetic success rate, pain intensity (VAS), and adverse effects were extracted. Data were analyzed using the Mantel–Haenszel test and odds ratio or the inverse variance and standardized mean difference. Dexamethasone increased the anesthetic success in comparison with placebo (n = 502; p < 0.001; OR = 2.59; 95% CIs: 1.46 to 4.59). Moreover, patients who were given dexamethasone had lower pain scores at 6 h (n = 302; p < 0.001; MD= −1.43; 95% CIs: −2.28 to −0.58), 12 h (n = 302; p < 0.0001; MD = −1.65; 95% CIs: −2.39 to −0.92), and 24 h (n = 302; p < 0.0008; MD = −1.27; 95% CIs: −2.01 to −0.53) when compared with placebo. In conclusion, the systemic administration of dexamethasone increases the anesthetic success rate and improves pain management in patients with SIP.
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