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Title: Evaluation of nutritional characteristics and bioactive compounds of soursop-yoghurt and soursop-frozen dessert
Authors: Virgen Ceceña, Lucila J.
Anaya Esparza, Luis Miguel
Coria Téllez, Ana V.
García Magaña, María de Lourdes
García Galindo, Hugo S.
Yahia, Elhadi M.
Montalvo González, Efigenia
Keywords: dairy foods
annona muricata
nutritional quality
Issue Date: Oct-2019
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Virgen-Ceceña, L.J., Anaya-Esparza, L.M., Coria-Téllez, A.V. et al. Evaluation of nutritional characteristics and bioactive compounds of soursop-yoghurt and soursop-frozen dessert. Food Sci Biotechnol 28, 1337–1347 (2019).
Series/Report no.: Food Sci Biotechnol;28 (5), 1337–1347 (2019).
Abstract: Abstract The nutritional quality, sensory attributes, polyphenols and acetogenins content in yoghurt and frozen dessert formulated with soursop pulp were investigated. The addition of soursop pulp to yoghurt and frozen dessert improved the sensory attributes and the nutritional quality of soursop dairy products resulting in a composition of 0.92 and 2.17% of dietary fiber, 11.25 and 9.84 mg/100 g of vitamin C as well as 243.02 and 490.98 mg/100 g of total polyphenols, respectively. Acetogenins were extracted from both dairy products using maceration, sonication, microwave and Soxhlet. Sonication showed to be faster and safer than the other methods for acetogenins extraction. Higher annonacin (an acetogenin) content was found in yoghurt (38 ng/g) than in frozen dessert (15 ng/g). The quantification of bioactive compounds implied the nutraceutical properties to yoghurt and ice cream when they are added with soursop pulp. The results are useful for the consumers seeking healthier foods.
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ISSN: 2092-6456 online
1226-7708 print
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