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Title: Evaluation of the Biological Properties of an Optimized Extract of Polygonum cuspidatum Using Ultrasonic-Assisted Extraction
Authors: Fletes Vargas, Gabriela
Rodríguez Rodríguez, Rogelio
Pacheco, Neith
Pérez Larios, Alejandro
Espinosa Andrews, Hugo
Keywords: antioxidant capacity
Polygonum cuspidatum
ultrasonic-assisted extraction
response surface methodology
Issue Date: May-2023
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: : Fletes-Vargas, G.; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, R.; Pacheco, N.; Pérez-Larios, A.; Espinosa-Andrews, H. Evaluation of the Biological Properties of an Optimized Extract of Polygonum cuspidatum Using Ultrasonic-Assisted Extraction. Molecules 2023, 28, 4079. 28104079
Series/Report no.: Molecules;Vol. 28 Issue. 10. May-2 2023
Abstract: Phytochemicals are natural compounds found in plants that have potential health benefits such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, and immune reinforcement. Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb. et Zucc. is a source rich in resveratrol, traditionally consumed as an infusion. In this study, P. cuspidatum root extraction conditions were optimized to increase antioxidant capacity (DPPH, ABTS+), extraction yield, resveratrol concentration, and total polyphenolic compounds (TPC) via ultrasonic-assisted extraction using a Box–Behnken design (BBD). The biological activities of the optimized extract and the infusion were compared. The optimized extract was obtained using a solvent/root powder ratio of 4, 60% ethanol concentration, and 60% ultrasonic power. The optimized extract showed higher biological activities than the infusion. The optimized extract contained 16.6 mg mL−1 resveratrol, high antioxidant activities (135.1 µg TE mL−1 for DPPH, and 230.4 µg TE mL−1 for ABTS+), TPC (33.2 mg GAE mL−1), and extraction yield of 12.4%. The EC50 value (effective concentration 50) of the optimized extract was 0.194 µg mL−1, which revealed high cytotoxic activity against the Caco-2 cell line. The optimized extract could be used to develop functional beverages with high antioxidant capacity, antioxidants for edible oils, functional foods, and cosmetics.
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ISSN: 1420-3049
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