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dc.contributor.authorLópez Pulido, Edgar Iván-
dc.contributor.authorDel Toro Arreola, Susana-
dc.contributor.authorEstrada Chávez, Ciro-
dc.contributor.authorMuñoz Valle, José Francisco-
dc.contributor.authorJave Suárez, Luis F.-
dc.contributor.authorBueno Topete, Miriam Ruth-
dc.contributor.authorPereira Suárez, Ana Laura-
dc.identifier.citationLopez-Pulido, E. I., Muñoz-Valle, J. F., Del Toro-Arreola, S., Jave-Suárez, L. F., Bueno-Topete, M. R., Estrada-Chávez, C., & Pereira-Suárez, A. L. (2013). High expression of prolactin receptor is associated with cell survival in cervical cancer cells. Cancer Cell International, 13(1), 103. doi:10.1186/1475-2867-13-103es, en
dc.description.abstractThe altered expression of prolactin (PRL) and its receptor (PRLR) has been implicated in breast and other types of cancer. There are few studies that have focused on the analysis of PRL/PRLR in cervical cancer where the development of neoplastic lesions is influenced by the variation of the hormonal status. The aim of this study was to evaluate the expression of PRL/PRLR and the effect of PRL treatment on cell proliferation and apoptosis in cervical cancer cell, en
dc.language.isoenes, en
dc.publisherCancer Cell Internationales, en
dc.subjectcervical canceres, en
dc.subjectapoptosises, en
dc.subjectPRLRes, en
dc.subjectPRLes, en
dc.subjectproliferationes, en
dc.titleHigh expression of prolactin receptor is associated with cell survival in cervical cancer, en
dc.typeArticlees, en
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