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Title: Isodicentric Y chromosomes and secondary microchromosomes.
Authors: Rivera, Horacio
Ayala Madrigal, Laura Margarita
Gutiérrez Angulo, Melva
Vasquez, Al
Ramos, AL
Keywords: isodicentric
functional dicentricity
centromere excision
Issue Date: 2003
Series/Report no.: Genetic Counseling (Geneva, Switzerland);Volume: 14 Issue: 2 Pages: 227-231
Abstract: We report here on two mosaic patients with both an idic(Yp) and a microchromosome. FISH with the DYZ3 alphoid repeat demonstrated that the isodicentrics effectively exhibited two alphoid clusters whereas the small markers had a Y-centromere. These data, along with 4 previous observations, indicate that such microchromosomes effectively result from functional dicentricity of isodicentric Y-chromosomes and represent the excision of one centromere plus various amounts of adjacent chromatin. Other than a real infrequency of such a concurrence or a very low proportion of the cell line(s) containing the microchromosome, the paucity of observations points to a high rate of underdiagnosis as revealed by two idic(Y) instances in which the microchromosome was detected only in samples assessed by FISH.
ISSN: 1015-8146
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