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Title: Effect of multienzimatic mix on sorghum-soybean meal based ration on hen performance.
Authors: Flores Cervantes, Sergio
Casillas Franco, Juan Carlos
Orozco Hernández, José Rogelio
Keywords: multi-ensyme
hen genetics
egg production
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Flores-Cervantes, S., Casillas-Franco, J. C., & Orozco-Hernández, J.-R. (2011). Use of multienzimatic mix on sorghum-soybean meal based ration on hen performance. Italian Journal of Animal Science, 10(2), 131–133. doi:10.4081/ijas.2011.e25
Abstract: The use of individual enzymes in the diet of hens has shown an improvement in egg production, and mixtures are now being included to increase feed utilisation and impact on performance in hens. The objective of our study was to evaluate the use of an enzyme blend in a sorghum-soymeal-based ration (protein 17.5% and ME 2900 kcal/kg) on performance. Hens of two lines: Hy-line (n=732) and Bovans white (n=365), aged eighteen weeks, were used to evaluated three treatments (control, Ronozyme blend or Cybenza). The birds were lodged in cages with a density of 485 cm2 per hen (four hens per cage). There were no differences (P>0.05) among enzymatic treatments or their interactions with the hen line on egg yield, egg mass, feed-to-egg ratio, or egg quality. However, the efficiency was higher with Hy-line (P<0.05) and enzymes (P<0.05) but was not affected by the interaction (P>0.05). Based on our results, we concluded that the use of a multi-enzyme mixture in a sorghum-soymeal-based hen feed has a minor effect on performance, regardless of hen genetics.
ISSN: 1828-051X
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