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Title: Impact of Cassia acutifolia Infusion on Glucose Levels in Obesity and Diabetes Rat Model
Other Titles: Original Article
Authors: Raffoul Orozco, Abdel Kerim
Ávila González, Ana Elisa
Barajas Vega, Jessica Lucía
Rodríguez Razón, Christian Martín
García Cobián, Teresa Arcelia
Ramírez Lizardo, Ernesto Javier
Rubio Arellano, Edy David
Keywords: Cassia acutifolia
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Raffoul Orozco A.K., Ávila González A.E., Barajas Vega J.L., Rodríguez Razón C.M., García Cobián T.A., Ramírez Lizardo E.J., Rubio Arellano E.D. (2017). Impact of Cassia acutifolia Infusion on Glucose Levels in Obesity and Diabetes Rat Model. Journal of Pharmacopuncture 2017;20[3]:201-206.
Series/Report no.: Journal of Pharmacopuncture;2017; Vol.20. Núm. 3. 201-206
Abstract: Abstract Objectives: The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of Cassia acutifolia on the obesity and the glucose levels in a rat model of obesity and diabetes. Methods: By random selection, 36 Wistar male rats were divided in two control groups, the positive and the negative control groups, and into four experimental groups receiving different infusions of Cassia acutifolia in water ad libitum. Results: The results revealed a statistically significant anti-obesogenic effect (P = 0.02), although this was not considered clinically significant. Additionally, Cassia acutifolia lowered the glucose levels by 30 mg/dL to 90 mg/dL (P = 0.05). However, we observed adverse effects in the liver, a two-fold increase in transaminase levels (P = 0.002), and in the kidneys, decreased creatinine levels (P = 0.001), and these adverse effects had no viable explanation. Conclusion: Cassia acutifolia has anti-hyperglycemic effects in obese diabetic rats. However, Cassia acutifolia also has adverse effects, so it should not be adminisadministered to patients.
ISSN: 2234-6856
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