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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Comparative Proteomics of Liver of the Diabetic Obese db/db and Non-Obese or Diabetic MiceGuzmán Flores, Juan Manuel; Encarnación Guevara, Sergio; Ramírez Emiliano, Joel; López Briones, Sergio; Hernández Ortíz, Magdalena; Flores Pérez, Elsa Cristina; Pérez Vázquez, Victoriano
Jun-2018Protein Expression Profile of Twenty-Week-Old Diabetic db/db and Non-Diabetic Mice Livers: A Proteomic and Bioinformatic AnalysisGuzmán Flores, Juan Manuel; Flores Pérez, Elsa Cristina; Hernández Ortiz, Magdalena; Vargas Ortiz, Katya; Ramírez Emiliano, Joel; Encarnación Guevara, Sergio; Pérez Vázquez, Victoriano
2014Differential proteomic analysis of the pancreas of diabetic db/db mice reveals the proteins involved in the development of complications of diabetes mellitusPérez Vázquez, Victoriano; Guzmán Flores, Juan Manuel; Mares Álvarez, Daniela; Hernández Ortiz, Magdalena; Macías Cervantes, Maciste H.; Ramírez Emiliano, Joel; Encarnación Guevara, Sergio
May-2014Effect of aerobic exercise on protein expression in muscle of obese mexican adolescents: A proteomic and bioinformatic analysisMacías Cervantes, Maciste H.; Guzmán Flores, Juan Manuel; Vargas Ortiz, Katya; Díaz Cisneros, Francisco J.; Ramírez Emiliano, Joel; Pérez Vázquez, Victoriano
Feb-2023Integration of Proteomic Data Obtained from the Saliva of Children with Caries through Bioinformatic AnalysisGuzmán Flores, Juan Manuel; Martínez Esquivias, Fernando; Becerra Ruiz, Julieta Sarai; Vázquez Rodríguez, Sandra Berenice